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When considering whether you need to have services performed on your marble travertine or limestone floors, There are two main concerns.

  1. Is the main concern dirt or soiling? I don’t care as much about the shine as the cleanliness of the grout lines and the tiny pits
    Travertine Deep Cleaning

    Marble, Travertine, or Limestone cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA

    in the tile. All I want is a clean marble or travertine floor that I can walk on in bare feet and let me child crawl on it without getting dirty.  In this case the best choice is to Deep Clean your marble or travertine floors. This service uses a proprietary method to lift the dirt out of the floor and flush it away. Your deep cleaned floor is clean, sanitized, safe for walking, and most jobs are completed in one day.

    • Deep Cleaning of Marble Travertine or Limestone includes filling holes and cracks as possible with resin filler.
    • Most of the time, deep cleaning is a full day and  qualifies for our FREE Granite Counter cleaning and sealing service.
  2. Is my Marble Dull? Would I like to change the finish… make it shinier or more matte? Are there etches and scratches to be removed? If this is the case, the best choice is to Refinish your marble floors. A refinished marble floor is a like new floor. All of the etches, scratches, and other damage is removed and the surface is brought to a “like new condition.”
    • This service includes filling holes and cracks with color matched (as possible) resin. Some smaller holes may not accept filler.
    • This service qualifies for our FREE Granite Counter cleaning and sealing service.
Polished Limestone Floor in Newport Beach CA

Newly Polished Limestone Floor in Mission Viejo, CA

Dull Limestone Floor Before Polishing in Newport Beach, CA

Limestone Floor Before Polishing in Mission Viejo CA

Iget asked a lot, “Why is my Granite Counter Cleaning and Sealing Free?”

Six years ago in 2008 we noticed that some companies that were new in the marketplace were overcharging for granite counter sealing as either a stand alone project or a component of a larger project.

After a study more than 10,000 invoices that spanned a ten year period we came to the conclusion that we were overcharging too.

Our conclusion was that as long as I could perform a full day service, that none of my clients would EVER pay to have their granite counter serviced again as long as they were my customer. In recent years we have extended that philosophy to the minor repairs that are sometimes necessary including re-caulking kitchen sinks or repairing grout or caulking in backsplashes.

Marble Polishing process before picture in Newport Coast CA

Marble Polishing process before picture in Newport Coast CA

Marble Shower in Newport Coast CA after polishing

Marble Shower in Newport Coast CA after polishing

We don’t just service your marble, travertine, and limestone floors. At Sureshine we polish marble showers and counters and any other surface that you might have. The most common service performed on marble, travertine, and limestone showers and counters is refinishing. Scratches and etches, the little round drip marks that occur when you drop an acid containing liquid, are easily and quickly removed during the refinishing and polishing process.

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